Phillip Cantrell, Benchmark Realty CEO, spent 20 years in the commercial printing business in Nashville prior to embarking on a real estate career.  In 2006, Phillip and his wife, Amanda, started Benchmark in the front bedroom of a house in downtown Franklin.  In 2008, the company reorganized and relaunched with just five agents after exploring other current and innovative business models around the country.  In 2011, Benchmark opened its second office in Murfreesboro, while the Nashville Midtown office was opened just one year later in 2012.  One to two new offices have opened per year since, and Benchmark has now grown to be the largest real estate company in Middle Tennessee in volume and transaction count.
At Benchmark, we have faith in our people, our process, and in God, allowing you to build your business effectively and ethically.  Gain control over your commission, your business, and your schedule by utilizing our superior process and freeing yourself from franchise fees, technology fees, desk fees and broker commission splits.  Our team of expert Principal Brokers is available for our agents when needed while still allowing you the freedom to grow.
The Benchmark real estate team has consistently earned community honors and national accolades with a solid foundation of values, principles and hard work.  We exceed our clients’ expectations with 1,400+ agents over seven office locations.  Benchmark Realty has four offices in the top eleven single offices ranked by total transaction in Middle Tennessee.  With our revolutionary brokerage model, we have built the highest producing real estate offices in the Middle Tennessee region. Our award-winning, technologically-innovative company closed over 10,212 transactions in 2020.
In December 2020, Benchmark Realty announced its partnership with United Real Estate Group.  United Real Estate Group is the owner of United Country Real Estate, United Real Estate, Virtual Properties Realty, Charles Rutenberg Realty South Florida, United Referral Network, Enhanced Marketing Solutions, and a few other companies.  Their real estate brands are comprised of over 16,000 agents who close over $15 billion in sales volume per year, across 46 states.


What We Offer:
  • Choose from three simple broker plans, all with 100% commission
  • Innovative technology tools (RealScout, ShowingTime Plus, Dotloop and more!)
  • Ongoing broker training and full-time training director
  • Complete control and flexibility over each deal
  • Award-winning broker support
  • Fast commission payment via direct deposit
  • 24/7 access to any Benchmark office with 6 convenient locations
  • No franchise fees, no desk fees, and no technology fees
  • Your sign calls are guaranteed to go to you


  • Between 2014 and 2020, Benchmark Realty experience a 305% year over year increase in sales.
  • We are number one in the Greater Nashville MSA.  Our agents sell more real estate than any other brokerage in Middle Tennessee.
  • We only hire the best of the best.  On average, Benchmark affiliates out-sell the competition over 2:1.*
  • We have a network of 1,400+ affiliates in Middle Tennessee spreading the word about your real estate needs.
  • Our transaction count has grown 169% since 2014.
  • Over 50,000 properties sold since 2014.

*The average Middle Tennessee agent sells 4.5 homes per year while Benchmark Realty agents aver 9.3.


  • As a company, we will consistently deliver 110% of our clients’ expectations in every real estate transaction.
  • As our name defines, our performance will become the standard by which all other brokerages are measured.
  • As our faith requires, we will be guided by Christian principles in every decision.  Honesty, Integrity, Fairness and Strength of Character will be our guideposts.
  • As our families deserve, we will allocate the appropriate attention to our personal lives in order to receive the support we need in our professional endeavors.
  • While maintaining these guidelines, Benchmark Realty will become the primary market force in residential real estate in Tennessee.


Through honesty, integrity, fairness and strength of character, we aim to set the standard for the real estate industry in Tennessee.


Julia Wood, Broker

“We really do save a lot of money.”

“Benchmark offers an awful lot of independence for a REALTOR® and freedom to decide what is best for our own business. Of course there is a financial benefit to working at Benchmark for those of us REALTORS® who are doing any kind of volume selling. We really do save a lot of money. For me personally, the independence and freedom is what wins me over as a Benchmark fan and I love working here.”

Julia Wood


Drew Hendry, Broker

“We are a family of REALTORS®.”

“We are a family of REALTORS® with a common goal of growing our businesses and establishing a trust in the community as well as with each client we serve.”

Drew Hendry


Brianna Morant, Broker

“Benchmark is very efficient.”

“Benchmark is very efficient. Of course, they’re paperless, but there’s so much teamwork. There are different levels of checks on everything, so I can literally go in any time and see where my file is, what’s missing, and what I need to do. The back end system is very sophisticated, and the quality of people that Phillip hires is unbelievable. I don’t know how he does it. Everyone works so hard and is so detail-oriented that I can rest assured that my stuff is in order. I feel really confident that everything is taken care of, and if there’s an issue, I’m going to know about it immediately.”

Brianna Morant


Sharon Brugman, Broker

“It is THE best place to work.”

“No doubt, for me personally, as a real estate firm it is THE best place to work. And honestly, most of us are really teased regularly to come to other firms, especially if you are a volume producer. I tell my clients that Benchmark is a very black and white firm. There is no gray, so you know exactly what the rules are and exactly what path you need to follow. The leadership is spectacular. I am thankful for the guidance we receive when we need it and the autonomy to run our business the way we need to. When the expectations occur, they are always there when we need them. I’m very thankful for the opportunity to work at Benchmark and would not dream of looking at another firm.”

Sharon Brugman